The idea behind this site is to give some information on less mainstream sport in South Africa and help direct people on where, how and what is needed to start.

If you are looking to get into a new sport, I hope you will be at least pointed in the right direction. If the site can help you find a club, equipment supplier, some interesting updates or some events to participate in, then it is worth doing.

Currently these sport codes have been added: Archery, Badminton, Cycling, Paintball and Rock climbing. I want to add as much detail about these sport types as possible and continue expanding the site with new sport codes. Most of the sport codes covered in this site are individual sports, but there will be a few team sports as well.

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Archery has been around for a long time and has been used as a weapon for hunting and in warfare. With the advent of firearms, archery went into a decline. Since the 184... More


Badminton is a fast paced racket game that can be very fun to play. The game can be very frustrating as even the best players have an off game and struggle to pick thems... More


Cycling is a popular sport for several reasons. It is a no impact sport that gives a very good cardio workout and can be done by any person of any age. You can never be ... More


Whether you want to play recreationally with friends or compete in this very competitive sport, it is a really good way to let out your frustrations after a long week at... More

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a sport where participants can climb up, down and across natural or artificial rock faces to their heart's content. This sport challenges participants b... More

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