Climbing is as close as we can come to flying. - Margaret Young

Rock climbing is a sport where participants can climb up, down and across natural or artificial rock faces to their heart's content. This sport challenges participants both physically and mentally and combines strength, agility, endurance and balance. It can definitely be dangerous if not approached with the necessary caution.

A grading system is used for climbing and bouldering routes. Grading is quite subjective and there are several different systems used. Climb ZA has a good comparison chart of most grading systems which you can find here.

South Africa has some of the best climbing spots in the world with all the diverse mountain ranges and koppies. Because of this there is a good community of climbers who are passionate about the sport in most parts of the country. All that is needed to enjoy this sport is some basic equipment, safety precautions and some company.

Equipment (sometimes available for rent):
Climbing shoes
Chalk bag

Camp and Climb stocks a range of climbing equipment.
iWarehouse also has a range of equipment available.

Starting out:

When starting out it is a good idea to try a climbing wall. In Cape Town a good option is CityROCK. They offer equipment rental and a gear shop and also have walls and routes for every experience (and comfort) level.

Momentum Climbing and Adventure Club in Bloemfontein has a climbing wall on the grounds of the University and also arranges trips to the surrounding routes.

Southern Rock Gym in Durban offers both indoor and outdoor climbing, a shop and training.

Wonder Wall in Johannesburg has all you need to get started: gear rental and shop, training courses, refreshments and climbing walls... of course!

There are many more (too many to list here), but a more complete list can be found at Indoorclimbing.com.

Good resources on climbing can be found here:

SA Climbing Info Network
Climb Za - Everything Climbing


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