10 Tips on Getting Started!

There are so many things that you could be doing at this moment. You could be sitting around at home watching TV, you could be shopping, you could be working or doing any of a thousand other things.

You could be bored and looking for something new to do, but where do you start?

It isn't always easy finding information on a new activity and it can be daunting to start something new.

Maybe a few tips can help you to get started:

1.- "Just do it!" - Go for it. Nothing is standing in your way and there are many good reasons to exercise. Read up on benefits here.

2.- Find something you like. This may take some research and experimentation, but it is important. You have to be enthusiastic to become good at it and have fun at the same time.

3.- Find a club nearby. All the enthusiasm in the world can be dimmed by having to drive far after a day's work. The closer to home, the less likely you are to find excuses not to go.

4.- Drag a friend along. Going to a unknown place where you will meet some new people and start an unknown activity can be challenging especially if you are introverted. For most of us it's easier to start something new if someone we know goes along.

5.- Read up (or don't). Having a little insight into the activity, you might feel less overwhelmed. Then again, you could just go for it if that is your style.

6.- Borrow equipment. A hobby or sport can get very expensive and borrowing equipment from friends and family will be a great help. Clubs and club members are usually happy to help out with some equipment to get you started. They could also advise on what equipment to buy and where.

7.- Listen to advice. Be open to advice on equipment and improving technique. It is best to learn the better way of doing things early on. Unlearning bad technique later is difficult (like stopping a bad habit).

8.- Get back up! Everybody has off days. Days when nothing goes like planned and everything you try is just not working. The important thing is to pick yourself back up, forget what you did wrong and get back to a rhythm that works.

9.- Age? For most sport, age is not a boundary. Starting young is good, but starting out later in life is not a problem. As long as you have the strength and can still move about, there are a lot of new things to do. If you feel young at heart, go back to point 1. Also look at Age and Sport.

10.- Have fun! This almost goes without saying, but this is the most important. Whether you only intend to try an activity once or end up competing professionally, remember to have fun!

What are your best tips on getting started? Please share in the comment section below.

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