Newsflash 16/05/2014

It has definitely gotten much colder and motivating oneself to get up and do something is not so easy. In the Cape, the rainy weather makes you want to stay indoors with a mug of hot chocolate. The problem is that while this is very tempting, it is not such a good option.

Indoor sports are available year round and, let's face it, a little rain or cold weather would probably not hurt. A little warmup and stretching will go a long way to keeping injuries at bay.

Mountain biking - The Sani2C mountain biking race in KZN is nearing the end of the 264km journey. For the +/- 4350 racers the race will end tomorrow and I am sure they will appreciate the rest. Check out the Cycling SA Calendar for upcoming races.

Road biking - The Giro d'Italia is in Stage 7 today and the riders will have to power through 214km of tar that has a fair share of ups and downs. The race leader after stage 6 was Australian Micheal Matthews from the ORICA GreenEDGE team.

Archery news - seven archers from SA took part in the Oceania Kyudo Seminar and Grading event in Nagoya, Japan. They are from Kyudo Renmei in Gauteng and they received a 100% pass rate.

Badminton - the Western Province CAT 1 tournament will take place from tonight (16/05) to Sunday (18/05) at John Tyers Hall, Kenilworth.

Rock climbing - Western Cape Climbing is holding a Disadvantaged Kids Climbing Day on Sunday the 18th.


Site news - I have almost finished putting up the archery page (I know I am still missing a main image, but I will add one this weekend) Updates have been added. I am considering adding a shop page and I will be working on a page for squash, Disc Golf and Ultimate in the next couple of days.

I appreciate any feedback.

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