Archery Lesson 17/05/2014

Today was a good day to get a first lesson in archery. I got up early and set off to Bellville Archery Club where I was to meet up with Malcolm.

When I arrived at the novice range, I noticed that there were already a few archers busy training with compound bows and recurve bows respectively. The weather was cool with almost no wind.

After a thorough introduction which included testing eye dominance, practicing draws with a elastic rubber and pointers on positioning and safety, I was allowed to shoot from the 10m mark. We later moved to the 15m and even later, the 20m mark. There were some horrid shots fired (luckily not missing the target backboard entirely), but with constant watching and advice the shots kept improving.

This sport will certainly tax your self control as you go through the steps to fire off a good shot. You will not master this overnight either and it is recommended that you try it out for a few months. Just contact the nearest club secretary for an appointment (links on the Archery page).

For a cost of R180 for the hour including hire of equipment and really good advise, I can certainly recommend giving archery a go. You will enjoy the challenge and (if nothing else) you get bragging rights for actually having shot with a bow and arrow.

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