Newsflash 20/05/2014

Today I have updates from badminton, archery, cycling and rock climbing.

Badminton news - The Badminton World Federation (BWF) will have a discussion on possible changes to the current scoring system at the annual Member's Forum in India on Friday.

The scoring system was changed in 2006 to the current 21 points, three sets rally system. Although this scoring system has been working very well (in my opinion), it has not been accepted universally in all badminton leagues. The BWF wants to try and get to a shorter, more intense match that would be easier to schedule.

Archery news - The Eastern Cape Indoor Championships are to be held at the Kings Court Shopping Centre in Port Elizabeth from 31 May to 1 June. There will be a double indoor round every day (60 arrows x 2). More info is available on the SANAA website.

MTB - The Sani2C finished on 17 May. The Trial section was won by Team Adrenaline junkies - Anton Koller and Gregor Krall - with a total time of 11:24:05.
In the Adventure section, overall first was taken by Justin Hornsby and Darryl Irvine with a time of 10:11:55.
The Race section was taken by Kevin Evans and Max Knox with a total time of 8:57:45.

Road cycling - With a rest day behind them, the riders of the Giro d'Italia have today tackled a 173km ride from Modena, through Parma to Salsomaggiore. Stage 10 is a very flat stage, so expect the sprinters to fight this round out.
Tomorrow, Stage 11, is 249km and starts with a long climb to the Passo Cento Croci and has a tough climb, the Naso di Gatto, near the end. With the individual time trial of Stage 12 coming up, the main group might be content to let the breakaway fight for the stage win.

Rock climbing - There has been a proposal from Adventure Club to NMMU in Port Elizabeth to include sport climbing as an official sport and potentially build a indoor sport wall. Check out the video here.

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