The idea behind this site is to give some information on less mainstream sport in South Africa and help direct people on where, how and what is needed to start.

If you are looking to get into a new sport, I hope you will be at least pointed in the right direction. If the site can help you find a club, equipment supplier, some interesting updates or some events to participate in, then it is worth doing.

Currently these sport codes have been added: Archery, Badminton, Cycling, Paintball and Rock climbing. I want to add as much detail about these sport types as possible and continue expanding the site with new sport codes. Most of the sport codes covered in this site are individual sports, but there will be a few team sports as well.

Welcome to Central Sport!

Archery Buying Guide

At the most basic, archery equipment consists of a bow and arrow. This does oversimplify it, of course, as there are different bows, arrows and other equipment that could make your time at the shooting range that much easier. Archery equipment can also hurt your wallet, so as suggested by SANAA, ma... More

Badminton Stretches and Warmup

Badminton is a racket sport where athletes require explosive power, move rapidly across the court and make sudden direction changes. This makes stretching and warmup very important. Importance of stretching Stretching increases range of motion of the joints and muscles and ensures that the body is... More

Badminton Buying Guide

Racket Without a racket, it would be impossible to play badminton. It is obvious to say that this is the most important (and sometimes most expensive) piece of equipment you can buy. It is important to get a racket that suits your play style and experience. Usually players start out with a cheap r... More

30+ Best Sport Quotes

We all have our favourite sport quotes.  Some are well known while others are almost never found.  I found a couple for each sport represented currently on this site.  What are your favourite quotes? Badminton Quotes The art of badminton is to deceive. - Sir George Thomas "Badmint... More

Age and Sport. Is it just a number?

An early start is great...   I think everyone will agree that starting a sport when young is best. You have better flexibility, agility, speed and power. Quick, explosive movement is easier before your early 30s. Many athletes hit the peak of their performance between the ages of 20 and 30. ... More


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